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When asked to page a consult, the process of doing so can be confusing. Below is a general guide on the process of locating and paging for consultation on one of your patients.

From Epic, you will find the link to the Phone Directory in the top right corner. You can also get to the Partners Phone Directory from

After clicking this, a popup will appear on the right side of the screen. The On Call Directory lists the provider who is on call for each service. Sometimes, this can be confusing (for instance, ortho and plastics take turns covering the hand service). Feel free to ask the PAs or an older resident for help when you are confused.


Don’t forget to verify that you’re paging for the correct hospital! Nothing is more embarrassing than paging the MGH Neurosurgery service from the Exeter pod at the Brigham…

Most services will tell you which pager you should page from the emergency department.

Don’t forget to include all of the information in the page (whether you specifically fill in their respective boxes or put everything in the “Text Message” box). We recommend specifically mentioning that your page is for a consult (assuming that it actually is) to distinguish from a curbside. As a general rule, you should consult, not curbside.

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